Coating Chemicals & Adhesive Materials

Supplies our daily consumables such as printing inks, tackifiers, adhesives, tires and chewing gum by providing highly functional and high-quality materials

Coating Chemicals & Adhesive MaterialsOur company helps to make people’s lives more convenient in various aspects, including those not directly visible to consumers. It does this by supplying products such as printing inks for offset printing, book (magazine)-gravure and food-package-gravure, tackifiers that improve the adhesive strength of adhesive agents or tapes, release agents to facilitate the separation of release paper, polymerization emulsifiers necessary for producing synthetic rubber tires, ester gums that improve chewing sensations, and resins as a raw material of paint or film coating. Moreover we are a manufacturer of many world-class brands such as ARKON, a hydrogenated petroleum resin, and PINECRYSTAL, colorless rosin derivative.

Product lineups