High stabilized and stabilized rosin ester [SUPER ESTER]

Better stability than our Ester Gum

This is an ester resin derived from a natural resin, rosin. The resin has been used from long ago as a tackifier for adhesives. Compared to our Ester Gum, it has a light-color appearance, is more stable at high temperatures and has good weather resistance.

Product lineups

Acid ValueSoftening Point
(℃, R&B)
L Stabilized rosin ester Yellowish brown balsam 12 max. 18 max. Viscosity (mPa・s) 30,000-50,000 Good oxidation resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and good compatibility with EVA Hot melt and acrylic adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives
A-18 5 max. 30 max. Viscosity (mPa・s) about 200,000
A-75 Pale yellow lump 7 max. 10 max. 70-80
A-100 95-105
A-115 108-120
W-100 95-100
W-115 20 max. 108-120
W-125 118-130
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