Colorless rosin derivatives [PINECRYSTAL]

World's first colorless rosin derivatives

Colorless rosin derivatives [PINECRYSTAL]

Our own technologies allowed us to achieve a world's first invention of a natural resin, rosin, with an ultra-light-coloring. It is a derivative of rosin featuring a more stable color and quality, and is used as a material of tackifiers and soldering flux.

We found that some rosin compounds can solidify oil. Based on this, we developed a rosin-based oil solidifying agent that works at room temperature.

Product lineups

Product Type Appearance Color
Acid Value Softening Point
(℃, R&B)
KE-604 Hydrogenated rosin derivative Colorless transparent lump 300 max. 230-245 124-134 Electronic devices, Soldering fluxes.
Acrylic adhesives and special purpose
KR-610 Hydrogenated rosin Colorless transparent lump 150 max. 165-175 80-87 Electronic devices, Soldering fluxes.
Adhesives and special purpose
KR-612 200 max. 165-175 80-90
KR-614 250 max. 170-180 84-94
KE-100 Hydrogenated rosin ester 200 max. 2-10 95-105 Adhesive and special purpose (Good compatibility with Acryl)
KE-311 150 max. 90-100 Adhesive and special purpose
KE-590 100 max.
KE-359 10-20 94-104 Adhesive and special purpose (Good compatibility with Acryl)
D-6011 Disproportionated rosin ester Pale yellow or transparent block 8 max. (Gardner) 1 max. 84-99 Polyurethane adhesive
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