Precise parts cleaning agent [PINE ALPHA]

This is an environmentally friendly, high-performance, harmless cleaning agent available for semiconductor parts, electronic parts and metallic parts.

1. What is PINE ALPHA?


Quasi-water-based environmentally friendly, harmless cleaning agent

2. Features


- Higher capability of dissolving (flux and grease)
- Higher rinsability and dispersion (to prevent re-contamination with the same flux and grease)
- Longer life (less deterioration of dissolving capability and rinsability)
- Higher safety (categorized as non-dangerous substance except some products)
- Environment and human friendly (compliance with RoHS and REACH regulations)

3. Applications

Semiconductors, LEDs and electronic components
(Wafer level CSPs, interposers, flip chip packages, LED packages etc.)


Product lineups

Product Type Appearance PH
S. Gravity
Point (℃)
ST-100SX Deflux Cleaning Light Yellow Transparent 7 9-11 0.96 None PCB, Flip Chip
ST-180 Colorless Transparent 8.5 Flip Chip
ST-180K 9.9 8-10 Wafer, substrate, TSV
ST-230 Deflux Cleaning for water soluble 7.6
4-5 1.0 Flip Chip
ST-240 Deflux Cleaning (Dilute type) Light Yellow Transparent 11.0
PCB, Flip Chip
ST-240KD 10.2
10-12 0.95 PCB
ST-252EVA Deflux Cleaning
No rinse, no dispose required is required.
Colorless Transparent 11.4
4-6 1.0
ST-350N Deflux for Screen Mask - Below 2 0.98 Screen Mask
ST-350VF - Below 3 0.77 48
ST-560EVA Rinse Agent - 4-6 0.99 None Prevent Metal Discoloration
ST-710 Particle Removal Light Yellow Transparent 11.4
9-11 1.0 Camera Module
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