Internal size [Sizepine]

This is an internal size to be added to the pulp slurry to improve the paper quality by modifying the sizing, writing and printing quality parameters.

Sizepine E, G and N series rosin sizing agents can be used for acid to weak acid paper; NT series rosin sizing agents are applicable for neutral paper; and K and SA series can be used for AKD and ASA sizing agents for neutral paper. Adding these agents to the pulp slurry will improve the sizing, writing and printing quality parameters.

Product lineups

Product Appearance Electric Charge Solid (%) pH Viscosity (mPa・s)(25℃) Use and Characteristics
Sizepine N-775L Milky white emulsion Anionic 40min. 5.5-6.5 50 max. Rosin emulsion sizing agent.
Internal size for all paper under acidic condition.
Excellent sizing effect at high temperature.
Sizepine C-500 Cationic 35min. 2.5-4.5 100 max. Cationic rosin emulsion sizing agent.
Effective without aluminum sulfate. Internal size for semi-acidic to neutral condition.
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