Arakawa supplies environmentally friendly, value added materials, including those necessary for manufacturing products related to printing and cutting-edge electronics. They are manufactured based on our core technologies regarding the chemistry of rosin or pine resin.

Rosin is a resin made by collecting and refining the sap of pine trees. Our own pioneering technologies for rosin chemistry have now become a core of our current business activities. We use them to develop intermediate materials such as papermaking chemicals, printing ink resins, adhesive resins and tackifying resins of high quality with respect to their required performance, such as their color and adhesive power, including those necessary for manufacturing our daily consumables. Our rosin-based business for papermaking chemicals and resin-based products (Coating Chemicals & Adhesive Materials) has the largest market share in Japan. Our rosin-based diversification of technology (Functional Materials) has been contributing to the development of advanced technologies, such as those for electronics, by manufacturing products essential for such industries. We are committed to continuously contributing to the development of an environmentally friendly society and the welfare of the world.

Biomass degree rank of ROSIN derivatives

Pick Up Products

Photo-curable resin

Application: functional coating, pressure sensitive adhesive and adhesive, printing ink and paint


Internal paper strengthening agent

Ingredient: Polyacrylamide resins


Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin

Use: tackifier for adhesive and PSA, and plastic modifier


Precise parts cleaning agent

Ingredient: glycol ether


Business fields

Functional Coating Chemicals

Supplies our daily consumables from displays to printing inks by providing highly functional and high-quality material.


Paper Chemicals & Environmental Business

Our company has the largest sales of paper chemicals in Japan, and it is steadily expanding into the Asian market including China.


Adhesive&Biomass Materials

Utilizing the characteristics of the materials, We manufacture a wide range of daily consumables from tapes to tires, chewing gum, disposable diapers, and medical products


Electronics Business

We contribute to development of electronics field for sustainable future.


New Products

Functional coating agent


Thermoplastic Polyimide Solution