Management Philosophy of Arakawa Chemical Group

We, Arakawa Chemical Group, are proactively expanding our business on a global scale. We share our vision "Chemistrify the Bonds - YOUR SPECIALITY CHEMICAL PARTNER" derived from our management philosophy "Develop individuality and realize everyone's dreams through technology and service". "Chemistrify the Bonds" not only describes our products that bind different materials and provide functionality, but also indicates the social bonds connecting Arakawa Chemical Group, our partners, our employees and the entire society through our products. Cherishing the bonds and becoming "YOUR SPECIALITY CHEMICAL PARTNER" is our fundamental policy. We keep reinforcing and expanding our domestic overseas manufacturing and sales network as well as subsidiary companies. Meanwhile we always pursue our goals by strengthening our competency and fulfilling our social responsibilities by carrying through regulatory compliance, environment protection and social contributions. We also implemented our code of conduct "ARAKAWA WAY - The Five KIZUNA" based on the management philosophy and vision that we treasure and share the common value with all our employees. Consistency in management will always be kept, and we'll keep moving forward making right decisions and rapid actions.

Management Policy