Electronic Materials in Electronics

Our commitment to the welfare of society is based on our unique material technologies, including those for composite materials, available for various applications from coating to electronics

Our company is specialized in photo-curing polymers and Organic-Inorganic hybrid resins. The Organic-Inorganic hybrid resins are a hybrid composite of organic and inorganic material made by our unique technologies. The inorganic component they contain helps give them a greater heat resistance and larger adhesion to inorganic materials. This suggests hybrid materials will have a higher potential for new, additional applications. The polyimide film we have developed using this technology may allow us to play an important role in the electronic material industry.

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Business fields

Functional Coating Chemicals

Supplies our daily consumables from displays to printing inks by providing highly functional and high-quality material.


Paper Chemicals & Environmental Business

Our company has the largest sales of paper chemicals in Japan, and it is steadily expanding into the Asian market including China.


Adhesive&Biomass Materials

Utilizing the characteristics of the materials, We manufacture a wide range of daily consumables from tapes to tires, chewing gum, disposable diapers, and medical products


Electronics Business

We contribute to development of electronics field for sustainable future.