High stabilized and stabilized rosin ester

Better stability than our Ester Gum

・Ester resin derived from rosin, resin from pine trees
・Conventional tackifier for adhesives and PSA.
・In contrast to ESTER GUM, SUPER ESTER has lighter color, better heat stability and weatherability.

Product lineups

Product Type Appearance Color
Acid Value Softening Point
(℃, R&B)
Characteristics Use
A-18 Stabilized rosin ester Yellowish brown balsam 5 max. 30 max. Viscosity (mPa・s) about 200,000 Good oxidation resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance and good compatibility with EVA Hot melt and acrylic adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives
A-75 Pale yellow lump 7 max. 10 max. 70-80
A-100 95-105
A-115 108-120
W-100 95-100
W-115 20 max. 108-120
W-125 118-130

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