Colorless rosin derivatives

World's first colorless rosin derivatives

Colorless rosin derivatives [PINECRYSTAL]

・World's first ultra-light color rosin derivatives with our proprietary technology
・Superior initial transparency and stability
・Worked as tackifier and resin for soldering flux

Product lineups

Product Type Appearance Color
Acid Value Softening Point
(℃, R&B)
Use*Biomass Degree Rank
KE-604 Acid modified ultra pale colored rosin Pale yellow or colorless transparent chunk 300 max. 230-245 124-134 Soldering flux, Acrylic adhesives
KR-610 Ultra pale colored rosin 150 max. 165-175 80-87 Soldering flux, Electronics items
KR-612 200 max. 160-175 80-90
KR-614 250 max. 170-180 84-94
KR-616 200 max. 172-182 78-88
KE-100 Ultra pale colored rosin ester 200 max. 2-10 95-105 Adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives(good compatibility with acrylic polymer)
KE-311 150 max. 90-100 Adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives
PE-590 Colorless transparent chunk 100 max.
KE-359 Pale red or colorless transparent chunk 150 max. 10-20 94-104 Adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives(good compatibility with acrylic polymer)
D-6011 Rosin diol Orange colored transparent block 8 max. (Gardner) 1 max. 84-99 Polyurethane adhesive

*The biomass degree is calculated by the use rate of biological raw material taking ISO16620 as a reference.
Biomass degree rank:Ⅰ 95-100%, Ⅱ 80-94%, Ⅲ 65-79%, Ⅳ 50-64%, Ⅴ<49%
It is not a guarantee - this is an approximate value without the analysis of the carbon isotope.

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