Alkyl phenolic resin

Tackifier for adhesives and PSA, and insulating varnish

Product lineups

Product Type Appearance Acid Value Softening Point
(℃, R&B)
Characteristics Use
100S 100% Phenolics Pale yellow lump 85-100 110-130 Novolac type resin.
Good durability and alkali resistance
Oil varnish, Printing ink.
Electric insulation varnish
200N 50-110 125-145 Novolac type resin.
Good durability and alkali resistance.
Good initial adhesion
PU solvent adhesion
510 Pale yellow flake - 75-95 Good tackiness Tackifier for SBR/EPDM
521 Pale yellow lump - 100-115 Long tackiness retention Tackifier for CR
526 - 115-130 General purpose
586 - 118-125 Good heat resistance and stability

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