Rosin modified phenolic resin

Offset printing and newspaper printing ink resin

Rosin modified phenol resin [TAMANOL]

・A synthetic phenolic resin modified with natural resin rosin
・Mainly used as a raw material for offset printing ink for newspapers and magazines
・Various grades available such as pigment dispersibility type, glossy, quick drying, emulsification resistant, high speed appropriate, etc.

Product lineups

Product Type Appearance Color
(USDA or Gardner)
Softening Point
(℃, R&B)
Characteristics Use
135 Rosin modified phenolics Yellowish brown flake WG or better 18 max. 130-140 Good oil solubility.
Excellent resin for varnish
Oil varnish, enamel.
Baking varnish.
Insulation varnish, Printing ink
353 Reddish brown chunk G or better 30 max. 150-163 Low molecular weight,
good pigment wetting
Offset ink (Dissolving type)
361 13 max. (33% Linseed oil solution) 20 max. 154 min. Fast setting, high gloss,
Good solubility in ink oil
380 Reddish brown lump 12 max. (33% Linseed oil solution) 23 max. 170-180 Pigment wettablity.
Gloss, Quick set
427 Pale yellow lump 11 max. (33% Linseed oil solution) 21 max. 174-181 High solubility in solvent of low aromatic content Offset ink (Dissolving type)
428 12 max. (33% Linseed oil solution) 23 max. 165-175
436 13 max. (33% Linseed oil solution) 153-163 Good pigment wetting,
high gloss
3860 Yellowish brown chunk 180-190 Fast setting Offset ink (cooking type)
3862 22 max. 178-188 Good water resistance Offset ink (cooking or dissolving type)
3868 25 max. 177-187 High solubility in solvents of low aromatic contents High gloss Offset ink dissolving type)
3876 158-168 Good pigment wetting

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