Polyurethane resin

Packaging gravure printing resin and painting resin

This material was developed originally as a base material of packaging gravure printing ink. This material features:

(1) higher toughness; and hardness is modifiable widely from soft to hard
(2) adjustable molecular weight and structure
(3) modifiable molecular structure
(4) greater adhesion to various types of substrates
(5) higher chemical resistance and wear resistance
(6) flexibility at low temperature

This resin having these excellent properties can be made more attractive by applying advanced technologies such as water-based (solvent free) or hybrid (organic and inorganic) resin coating and adhesives.

Product lineups

Polyurethane resin for lamination gravure printing ink

UREARNO F-602NT Yellow liquid 39.0-41.0 Ethyl acetate 10 max. 40-60 Improves adhesion of chlorinated PP
modified resin OPP film
UREARNO F-200 Pale yellow transparent liquid 29.0-31.0 TOL/MEK/IPA 6 max. 500-1,000 Basic grade containing toluene
UREARNO F-202 Ethyl Acetate/IPA 500-1,000 Basic toluene free grade
UREARNO F-205 900-1,800 High performance toluene free grade
UREARNO F-207 2 max. 800-1,200 Good all-round performance toluene free grade
UREARNO F-390 600-1,200 High performance alcohol soluble binder
UREARNO F-301 300-900 Alcohol soluble,
good for special gravure/ flexo ink
UREARNO F-303 6 max. 700-1,200 Alcohol soluble,
good for snack packaging
UREARNO F-400 73.0-77.0 2 max. 2,000-4,000 Works with NC, excellent adhesion
UREARNO F-401 67.0-73.0 1,500-4,000 Works with NC,
good balance of adhesion and anti-blocking
UREARNO W321 33.5-35.5 Water/IPA - 500-1,000 Film coatings, good adhesion to film
UREARNO W600 Milky White 34.0-36.0 - 30-300 Film coatings,
excellent adhesion to film

UREARNO U (Polyurethane Silica Hybrid)

ProductBase ResinNumber of
Group of Silica
Silica Content %(wt%)Characteristics
U201 Urethane(Ester) 4 MEK/IPA 30 100 21 Good flexibility, good heat resistance,
good adhesion to organic and inorganic materials
U301 25 500 7
U303 250

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