Photo-curable resin

Rapid three-dimensional hardening by radical polymerization that occurs with electron beam (EB) or ultraviolet ray (UV) irradiation; used widely for various applications

・Development of various types of special-modified acrylate, polyurethane acrylate, and polyester acrylates, including rosin-based acrylate.
・Development of emulsion type, water-soluble type, and low viscosity quick curable type of monomers that help reduce VOC content of coating agent
・Can be used as raw materials for manufacturing various products like printing inks, paints, coating agents, tackifiers and adhesives

UV/EB curable resin [BEAMSET]


Product lineups

Product Type Functionality Appearance Non
Volatile (%)
Characteristics Use
101 Rosin acrylate 1 Yellow transparent liquid 100 100,000 max
Good adhesion Ink, Adhesive
243NS Modified acrylic
2 Pale yellow
transparent liquid
6,000±1,000 Good adhesion to oil-based ink
Low P.I.I.
OP varnish
255 30,000±5,000 Good adhesion to oil-based ink
and treated PP film, High gloss
261 530±50 Good adhesion to oil-based
ink, High gloss
271 12,500±2,500 Good adhesion to oil-based ink
and PET film, High gloss
502H Urethane acrylate 150,000±30,000 High flexibility
Good adhesion
(Good adhesion to PVC)
504H 60,000±20,000
505A-6 6,500±1,000
Good adhesion,
High flexibility,Quick curing
550B 3 125,000±5,000 Good adhesion
Quick curing
575 3-6 12,000±2,000 Good chemical resistance
Excellent hardness
Hard coatings
577 1,700±500 Excellent hardness
700 Dipentaerythritol polyacrylate 6 Pale yellow transparent liquid 100 4,500±1,000 Anti-emulsification
Quick curing
Hard coatings
710 Pentaerythritol polyacrylate 4 700±150 Anti-emulsification,
Excellent hardness,
Quick curing
730 Di-trimethylolpropane tetraacrylate 500±100 Excellent hardness,
Good compatibility,
Low P.I.I.,Low viscosity
750 Bis-A ethylene oxide modified acrylate 2 1,500±500 Anti-emulsification
Quick curing
Ink, Coatings
770 N-vinyl formamide 1 Pale yellow - pale turquoise transparent liquid 10 max Low viscosity,Quick curing Water-soluble Paint, Ink
AQ-17 Urethane acrylate 3-6 Pale yellow transparent liquid 100 500±200 Dilute by water (~50%) Quick curing Wood paint Aqueous OP varnish
EM-90 Urethane acrylate emulsion 6 Milky white emulsion 40 125±75 Emulsion type,
Quick curing.
EM-94 50 700±300 Emulsion type Excellent hardness,
Quick curing
Hard coatings

Product Type Appearance Non
Volatile (%)
Characteristics Use
371 Epoxy acrylate Pale red - pale yellow 65 900±300 Excellent hardness Low curl Hard coatings
575CB ※ Multifunctional acrylate Pale yellow transparent liquid 100 1,500±500 Excellent hardness
575CL ※ 70 100±50 Anti-static Excellent hardness Anti-static hard coatings
575AL ※ 35 5±3
744CN ※ Dark blue liquid 70 10±2
907 ※ Silica Hybrid Pale yellow slightly turbid liquid 50 10 max. Excellent hardness Abrasion hardness Hard coatings
1200 ※ Epoxy acrylate Milky white liquid 60 700±200 Excellent hardness Good workability Hard coating In mold film
1402 ※ Multifunctional acrylate Pale yellow transparent liquid 90 900±300 Anti-pollution,
easy to wipe pollution,
Excellent hardness,
Quick curable
Hard coatings
1461 ※ 80 50±15 Anti-fingerprint,
Excellent hardness,
Quick curable
NTZ-316 ※ Acrylate 100 2,000±1,000 High flexibility
Good bump absorption
Optical Clear Adhensive
NTZ-401 ※ Low dielectric constant
NTZ-501 ※ Good bump absorption
Blister resistance for plastics
UKN-1 Polyurethane Transparent liquid 40 1,000±500 Excellent adhension (even if a thin)
MT-1 Acrylic polymer Dark blue liquid 1.7 10 max. Electrically conductive (Heat curable type) Resistance to heat,
moist heat and light
Electrically conductive material
MT-2 ※ Multifunctional acrylate 2.5 Electrically conductive Resistance to heat,
moist heat and light
MT-3 ※ 25 Anti-static, Quick curing,
Resistance to solvents
Anti-static material


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