Modified epoxy resin

Painting resin

・Primer resin
・Provides excellent adhesion to metal and also corrosion protection

Product lineups

MODEPICS (Water-based modified epoxy resin)

Product Appearance Solid(%) Co-Solvent pH
(℃, DSC)
Characteristics Use
501 Milky Brown 33±1 Ethylene glycol n-butyl ether (15%) 9.5-9.8 800-1,500 62 Standard Auto Parts, Primer.
PCM Primer.
502 Ethylene glycol n-butyl ether (17%) 70 High solvent resistance
504 39±1 Ethylene glycol n-butyl ether (10%) 9.6-9.9 300-1,200 58 High solid, Low VOC

※ PMA: Methoxypropyl acetate PM: Methoxy propanol

ARAKYD (Solvent type modified epoxy resin)

Product Solid(%) Solvent Color
(℃, DSC)
Characteristics Use
9201N 40±1 Toluene/MEK/PMA/IPA 3 max. W-Z1 94 Excellent anticorrosion Auto Parts, Primer PCM, Primer Miscellaneous
9203N P-U 84 High solubility
9205 Toluene/Xylene/Butanol W-Z1 Cure at R.T.
9208 Xylene/Butanol/PMA Y-Z3 High flash point solvent (27℃)
9212 Xylene/Butanol/PMA/Cyclohexanone T-W 63 Excellent adhesion to Mg etc
KA-1439A Xylene/Cyclohexanone X-Z2 77
KA-1492 55±2 Xylene/Butanol/PMA/MIBK 4 max. Z3- Z7 56 High solid content
MODEPICS 401 40±1 Butyl acetate/PMA/cyclohexanone/PM W- Z1 87 Toluene and xylene free

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