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Rosin is made by refining the sap (crude turpentine) of pine trees.

For more than 135 years since our company's establishment, we have been manufacturing various rosin-based products including printing chemicals, printing ink, tackifiers and adhesives. Our recent strategies focusing on the electronic industry are encouraging the development of rosin-based unique flux for electronic applications.

1. Solder Paste [PINE SOLDER]

This is a special, lead-free solder paste containing our own rosin-based unique flux. The product lineup shown below allows you to choose the optimum ones for individual applications

- For automobile onboard electronic devices
Automobile electronic parts and other high-reliability parts
Product: GSP (new product), AC240 and PSP-P293R1

- For high-quality general applications
Commercial use electronic parts
Product: PINE SOLDER VAPY and XFP series (halogen free)

- For pre-solder
Semiconductor packages, interposers and solder coating
Product: PINE SOLDER TAS LF 219Y series

Product lineups

PINE SOLDER (Solder Paste)

Product Type Metal Powder Size Viscosity
Halide Content
GSP Pb-Free Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu Type 4 130-190 0.06 Printed Circuit Board
for Vehicle installation
PSP-V 160-220 0.23
PSP 160-240 0.10
XFP-1 Pb-Free, Halogen-Free 150-230 None Printed Circuit Board
XFP LF138 Low melting point, Halogen-Free Sn58Bi 140-200
VAPY-F Pb-Free Sn3.0Ag.0.5Cu Type 5 160-240 <0.01
PSP-F Pb-Free, Halogen-Free 150-210 None
TAS LF219T Pre-coat Solder Type 7 80-140 0.14-0.20 Interposer

2. Rosin contained wire solder [PINE SOLDER]

Our own flux technologies brought about a significant reduction of flux scattering, which resulted in the development of this high-performance, lead-free wire solder containing rosin that has a better wettability. A halogen-free version is also available.

Product: PINE SOLDER PSC-K31A and PSC-CK3 (halogen-free)

3. Post flux [PINE FLUX]

Rosin-based flux for various applications including special ones

- Rosin-based post flux for flow
General purpose; applicable for lead-free solder with a low content of silver or no silver Product: PINE FLUX WHS series
Product: PINE FLUX WHS series

- Post flux for terminals
Coils and transformers
Product: PINE FLUX NLD series

- Post flux for semiconductors
Bumping, solder balls and LED elements
Product: PINE FLUX WHD, WHP and ALS series

Product lineups


Product Apply Method Appearance Viscosity
Solid Content
Halide Content (wt%) Application
WHD-001 Spin Coat Light Yellow Transparent 14 40 None Wafer Bump
WHP-002 Print/Pin Transfer Amber 9 70 Wafer Bump, Flip Chip
WHS-003C Spray Light Yellow Transparent - 15 0.08 Printed Circuit Board
WHS-001HF - None
WHD-003HF Dip - 28
ALS-001 Spin Coat / Pin Transfer - 8 Wafer Bump / Water soluble

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