Cleaning system and its peripheral equipment

Efficient and high-quality cleaning of smaller, thinner and lighter semiconductor and electronic components on a mass-production basis

1. Cleaning system

The optimum system can be chosen depending on the nature of the items to be washed, from among various options of cleaning systems using our PINE ALPHA.

Our company can propose the optimum cleaning processes and systems determined based on cleaning test data.

Direct falls Direct falls - Inline shower cleaning machine
- Superior in washing narrow gaps
(of 30 μm or so)
- High throughput
Thin flip chip boards
Direct pass Direct pass - Batch direct pass cleaning machine
(our company's unique system)
- Mass-production of many kinds of parts
- Superior in washing the rear side of parts
(with a gap of 50 μm or so)
- High volume productivity
High integration flip chip package
Various electronic parts
Tornado jet Tornado jet - Single wafer shower cleaning machine
- Applicable for thin wafers and boards
Wafer level CSPs (300 mm dia.)

2. Peripheral equipment

Many options of peripheral equipment for our cleaning systems based on PINE ALPHA are available as shown below.

Deionized water treatment

Deionized water recovery system
Deionized water recovery system PINEREC Final-rinse water recovery treatment
Rinse water purifier
Rinse water purifier PINECAT Removing corrosive substances such as acids and metallic ions from the prerinse water

Concentration meter

Moisture meter
Moisture meter  PINECON ACT-100 Controlling the moisture content of Pine Alpha (for Pine Alpha)
Cleaning agent and flux concentration meter
Cleaning agent and flux concentration meter PINECON PR-201α Controlling the flux content of the cleaning agent
Controlling the PINE ALPHA content of the rinse water
(Equipped with working curves)

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