Internal size

Improve sizing, writing and printing quality by adding to pulp slurry

・Sizepine E, G and N series are rosin sizing agents for acid-to-weak acid paper
・NT series is a rosin sizing agent for neutral paper
・K series and SA series are respective AKD series and ASA Series sizing agents for neutral paper

Product lineups

Product Appearance Electric Charge Solid (%) pH Viscosity (mPa・s)(25℃) Use and Characteristics
Sizepine N-775L Milky white emulsion Anionic 40min. 5.5-6.5 50 max. Rosin emulsion sizing agent.
Internal size for all paper under acidic condition.
Excellent sizing effect at high temperature.
Sizepine C-500 Cationic 35min. 2.5-4.5 100 max. Cationic rosin emulsion sizing agent.
Effective without aluminum sulfate. Internal size for semi-acidic to neutral condition.

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