Hybrid Polyimide Film

Polyimide film of homogeneously dispersed nanosilica particles [POMIRAN]

・Polyimide film was developed and commercialized by integrating our silica hybrid technology and the filming technology of Timeroid Tech Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
・Special structure with average 5nm Nano-silica particles uniformly dispersed in polyimide matrix
・Metal seed layer formed by wet plating method, exhibiting high metal adhesion and durability
・High dimensional stability against temperature and humidity
・Lines up POMIRAN T, which has a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of silicon and glass
・Prevents diffusion of metallic ions, thus improving ionic migration resistance

POMIRAN plated
POMIRAN plated
Plated layer (sectional view)
Plated layer (sectional view)
TEM image of POMIRAN
TEM image of POMIRAN


Product lineups

Product Component Thickness(μ) Width (mm) CTE
UL Characteristics
T Silica Hybrid Polyimide 12,15,25,38 250-1,100 4 94V-0 Good adhesion to Metal, Dimensional stability.
Antimigration, Suitable for semiadditive process

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